Simple Interactive Models for better air quality (SIM-air)

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SIM-air is a set of software-based integrated air pollution analysis tools that illustrate how cities in developing countries can implement Integrated Air Quality Management (IAQM) techniques. IAQM techniques integrate data from emission inventories, geographical information systems and computational models like SIM-air to assist policymakers in reducing multiple air pollutants.

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This tool is included in the Development Impacts Assessment (DIA) Toolkit from the LEDS Global Partnership.


The following tools are part of the SIM-air suite:

  1. Vehicular Air Pollution Information System (VAPIS): A vehicular emissions calculator to estimate and compare emissions inventories.
  2. Smart Carbon Analysis of Road Transport (Smart-CART): A simple calculator for carbon analysis along a road corridor.
  3. Air Quality Index (AQI) Calculator: A simplified calculator designed to use monitoring data to estimate real time or forecasted AQI.
  4. Atmospheric Transport Modeling System (ATMoS) Dispersion Model: A model that generates transfer matrices for multiple source and multiple pollutant types.
  5. V-Dust - A simple calculator for fugitive dust emissions attributable to vehicles.

When to Use This Tool

This tool is most useful for development impacts assessments focused on:

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Learn more about the topics for assessing the impacts of low-emission development strategies (LEDS).

Key Outputs

Outputs from the different tools include vehicular emissions, air quality index forecasts, pollutant transfer matrices, dust emissions.

How to Use This Tool

Training Available
Manual provided; Introductory videos at:

Level of Expertise

Key Inputs

Sector specific emissions data, emissions factors, and health data

Case Studies

Examples of how Simple Interactive Models (SIM-air) has helped people assessing the impacts of low-emission development strategies in countries and regions:

A list of related publications can be accessed here:

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