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Simple Energy is a social, fun and simple way to save energy. The more energy efficient you are, the more points you'll earn. Your points are reflected on your team's leaderboard and the state wide leaderboard.

How Simple Energy Works

Simple Energy has developed a new way for people to save energy that is social, fun and simple. We’ve designed an online platform that helps users understand their energy use with actionable insights, that scores them against their Facebook friends and that rewards them with real prizes. We live a wired, dynamic life. It’s time to upgrade how we save energy.[1]

Simple & Social

People are naturally social and competitive, basing our behavior on those around us. By tapping into this inherent human characteristic, Simple Energy enables people to become more engaged with their own energy consumption by comparing their use with friends and neighbors on social platforms where they’re already spending time: Facebook, email and mobile apps.

By translating complicated data on kilowatts into a simple points system that instantly reflects changes people make to improve their energy efficiency, Simple Energy allows people to easily understand how their actions impact their energy use.[1]


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