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Pennsylvania Certificate of Public Convenience (8-PA-c)

Information current as of 2020
In Pennsylvania, a developer must obtain a Certificate of Public Convenience from the Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission in order to operate as a public utility. 66 PA. Const. Stat. §1102. A public utility is defined, in part, as any “person or corporation… owning or operating... equipment or facilities for producing, generating, transmitting, distributing or furnishing natural or artificial gas, electricity, or steam for the production of light, heat, or power to the public.” 66 PA. Const. Stat §102. The Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has the authority to issue a Certificate of Public Convenience (Certificate) pursuant to 66 PA. Const. Stat. §1101 et seq., Certificates of Public Convenience.

Certificate of Public Convenience Process

8-PA-c.1 — Certificate of Public Convenience Application

A developer must submit a complete Certificate of Public Convenience Application (Application), in writing and verified by oath or affirmation, to the PUC. 66 PA. Const. Stat. §1103(a).

8-PA-c.2 to 8-PA-c.3 — Review Application Materials for Completeness

The PUC must review the Application for technical and administrative completeness.

8-PA-c.4 — Hold Public Hearing(s)

The PUC must hold public hearings to gather any additional information needed to make a decision on the Application. 66 PA. Const. Stat. §1103(b).

8-PA-c.5 to 8-PA-c.6 — Assess Application Materials for Approval

The PUC must assess the Application for approval. The PUC will issue a Certificate if the project is necessary for the service, accommodation, convenience, or safety of the public. 66 PA. Const. Stat. §1103(a).

8-PA-c.7 — Certificate of Public Convenience

The applicant (developer) must comply with any restrictions or conditions on the Certificate of Public Convenience. 66 PA. Const. Stat. §1103(a).

8-PA-c.8 — Appeal Decision (Optional)

Any interested party may appeal a decision by a Pennsylvania agency to a court with jurisdiction over the matter. 2 PA. Const. Stat. §702.

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