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Mississippi Oversize/Overweight Permit (6-MS-a)

Information current as of 2020
In Mississippi, a person (developer) may need an Oversize/Overweight Special Permit (Permit) from the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) to move vehicles of a size or weight exceeding legal limits on a state highway. MDOT has discretionary authority to regulate movement on state highways pursuant to Miss. Code Ann. § 63-5-51(1).

Oversize/Overweight Permit Process

6-MS-a.1 to 6-MS-a.2 — Does the Vehicle and Load Exceed Mississippi’s Size and Weight Restrictions?

A developer must obtain a Permit if the developer’s vehicle and load exceed Mississippi size and weight restrictions. A vehicle is considered over-dimensional, in Mississippi, if the vehicle dimensions are in excess of the statutory limits set forth below:

For more information on requirements for trailers and towed vehicles see: Miss. Code Ann. § 63-5-25. In Mississippi, there are different size and weight requirements for “vehicles operated at nighttime by a public utility transporting poles, pipes, machinery or other objects of a structural nature which cannot readily be dismembered when required for emergency repair of public service facilities or property.” For more information see: Miss. Code Ann. § 63-5-21; tit. 37-6601-03001 Miss. Code R. § 315.

6-MS-a.3 to 6-MS-a.6 — Is the Vehicle Eligible for an ExpressPass Permit?

If the developer’s vehicle or load exceeds Mississippi’s size or weight restrictions, the developer may be eligible for MDOT’s ExpressPass Permit process, which allows companies to apply for, and be instantly issued, Oversize/Overweight Permits. MDOT provides information regarding the Oversize/Overweight ExpressPass on their ExpressPass Webpage. Generally, the ExpressPass Permit restricts movement during certain days and times. To be eligible for a 24- Hour Movement ExpressPass Permit, project developers must meet more stringent size and weight requirements. The overall size and weight limits for ExpressPass Permit eligibility are as follows:

  • Maximum Gross Weight: 180,000 pounds (Daylight Movement Only)/150,000 pounds (24-Hour Movement);
  • Maximum Height: 15 feet 6 inches (Daylight Movement Only) /13 feet 6 inches (24-Hour Movement)
  • Maximum Width: 15 feet 0 inches (Daylight Movement Only) /12 feet 0 inches (24-Hour Movement)
  • Maximum Length: 120 feet 0 inches (Daylight Movement)/ 4 feet 0 inches (24-Hour Movement).

MDOT automatically marks all permits that are eligible for 24-Hour Movement as "24-Hour Movement Authorized" upon issuance. To apply for an ExpressPass Permit, a project developer must:

  • Download, sign, and fax the Mississippi Department of Transportation – Express Pass End-User Agreement to MDOT;
  • Establish a valid MDOT charge account and submit proof of insurance to MDOT;
  • Login to their ExpressPass account and select the applicable permit;
  • Enter the following information where applicable: vehicle size and weight; travel origin, destination, and route; begin date of travel; and vehicle type, tag information, and load;
  • Purchase permit; and
  • Print permit directly from browser and place in vehicle. ExpressPass Webpage.

6-MS-a.7 to 6-MS-a.9 — Oversize/Overweight Permit Application

If the developer’s vehicle or load is not eligible for the ExpressPass Permit process, the developer may submit either a Blanket Permit Application or Temporary Permit Application to the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) to meet Oversize/Overweight Permit (Permit) requirements. Miss. Code Ann. § 63-5-51(1)(b). Blanket Permits authorize the movement of loads less than 14 feet, are not term-limited, and require payment of a $100.00 annual fee. Temporary Trip Permits authorize load movement for no more than three (3) consecutive days. tit. 37-6601-03001 Miss. Code R. §§ 300. In addition to submitting a complete Blanket Permit Application or Temporary Permit Application form, project developers must also provide MDOT with a certificate of insurance with a single limit liability of no less than five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000), and proof of applicable vehicle liability insurance. Mississippi – tit. 37-6601-03001 Miss. Code R. §§ 100 et seq., Size, Over-Dimensional Permits.

6-MS-a.4 to 6-MS-a.5 – Review Application Materials for Completeness

MDOT must review the Application for technical and administrative completeness.

6-MS-a.10 to 6-MS-a.11 — Review Application for Approval

MDOT must review Permit Applications for approval. MDOT will return denied Applications to the applicant (developer) stating reasons for the denial. tit. 37-6601-03001 Miss. Code R. §§ 307.

6-MS-a.12 — Oversize/Overweight Permit

MDOT may issue or withhold a Permit at its discretion and may impose additional conditions on a Permit such as limiting the number of trips covered under the Permit. Miss. Code Ann. § 63-5-51(1)(c). A copy of the Permit must be carried in the vehicle at all times tit. 37-6601-03001 Miss. Code R. § 308. Generally, the MDOT approves Permits for one-piece items; however MDOT may issue Permits for certain items up to a maximum width of ten and one half (10 ½) feet. tit. 37-6601-03001 Miss. Code R. §310. In addition to possessing the applicable Permit, a project load carrier must also adhere to general safety requirements that mandate movement on specific days at specific times and require the use of warning flags and other precautions. tit. 37-6601-03001 Miss. Code R. §400. Permits issued by MDOT are valid for one (1) year from the date they are issued. Miss. Code Ann. § 63-5-51(2). Any misstatement, misrepresentation, or failure to comply with the terms of a Permit or MDOT’s rules or regulations may result in permit suspension or revocation. tit. 37-6601-03001 Miss. Code R. §309.

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