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Oklahoma State Highway Right-of-Way (3-OK-c)

Information current as of 2020
In Oklahoma, a developer may need a Utility Permit from the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (OKDOT) for any project that uses a state highway right-of-way. Ok. Stat. Ann. §69-1401. OKDOT regulates state highway right-of-ways pursuant to Oklahoma — Ok. Stat. Ann. §§69-1401 et seq., Public Utilities.

State Highway Right-of-Way Process

3-OK-c.1 — Register for Oklahoma Department of Transportation’s (OKDOT) Utility Permit Website

The developer must first register as a new user on OKDOT’s Utility Permitting Website. In 2017, OKDOT moved their utility permitting system to the Utility Permitting Website. Utility Permits Guide, 2 A developer must register as a new user on the website to be able to submit a Utility Permit Application. To register as a user the developer must:

  • Submit information about the company through a designated account manager; and
  • Create password and logon with new password.

Utility Permits Guide, 7-9.

3-OK-c.2 — Submit Application Materials

Once the developer has an account on the Utility Permitting Website, the developer must submit a Utility Permit Application (Application) to OKDOT through the Utility Permitting Website. The developer must upload, at minimum, the following documents to the Utility Permit Application:

  • Plans, profiles, and any other associated documentation;
  • Map coordinates that show the central location of the planned project; and
  • Drawings of map segments to show the linear location of the planned project.

Utility Permits Guide, 16-24.

3-OK-c.3 to 3-OK-c. 4 – Review Application Materials for Compliance with Federal and State Law

The Utility Permitting Website automatically forwards the submitted Application to the Oklahoma — Oklahoma Department of Transportation, Cultural Resources Office (OKOCR) for review. If the project receives federal aid, then the OKOCR reviews the project to ensure it complies with federal and state environmental laws. If the project does not receive federal aid the OKOCR reviews the project location to see if any Native American cultural resources are affected by the project.

3-OK-c.5 – Forward Application Materials to OKDOT Utility Division Coordinator

If the OKOCR approves the project, OKOCR forwards the Application materials to the OKDOT Utility Division Coordinator for review. Utility Permits Guide, 4.

3-OK-c.6 to 3-OK-c.10 – Review Application Materials for Completeness

The Utility Division Coordinator must review the Application materials for administrative and technical completeness. If the Application is incomplete, the Utility Division Coordinates contacts the developer and the developer must provide the additional information required to the Utility Division Coordinator. After the developer provides the additional information the Application either goes back to the OKOCR or is returned straight to the Utility Division Coordinator—the path the returned Application takes depends on the Utility Division Coordinator’s preferences. Utility Permits Guide, 4.

3-OK-c.11 to 3-OK-c.12 – Review Application Materials for Approval

If the Application is complete the Utility Division Coordinator approves the Application for a Utility Permit. If the Utility Division Coordinator approves the Application, the Utility Division Coordinator emails the developer, the County Maintenance office, the Residency office (if identified), and the field division Utility Coordinator notifying them of the approval. Utility Permits Guide, 4.

3-OK-c.13 to 3-OK-c.15 — Does the City Need to Review the Application for Approval?

Some cities in Oklahoma require an additional review. The Utility Permitting Website allows the developer to assign an Application to a city for their review. The designated worker of the city government then reviews the Application and chooses whether to approve or deny it. Utility Permits Guide, 31-32.

3-OK-c.16 — Utility Permit

After OKDOT approves the Application, the Utility Permit becomes available on the Utility Permitting Website. The developer can download a pdf version of the Utility Permit and print it. Utility Permits Guide, 25.

3-OK-c.17 — Appeal Decision (Optional)

A developer may appeal OKDOT’s decision for judicial review under Ok. Stat. Ann. §75-318.

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