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Ohio State Canal Land Lease (3-OH-d)

A developer must submit a request to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources’ (ODNR) Office of Real Estate to use State-owned canal land, including for utility crossings. The ODNR has the authority to lease all or part of the state’s interest in any canal lands and may establish any terms or conditions that it determines to be appropriate for the conveyance of the land. O.R.C. § 1520.02.

State Canal Land Lease Process

3-OH-d.1 – State Canal Land Lease Application

The developer must submit a State Canal Land Lease Application to the ODNR Office of Real Estate. The application must include the following information:

  • Developer’s name and contact information;
  • Location of the canal land, including the County and Township;
  • Property rights in the canal land being requested (e.g., lease, license, right of entry, purchase/transfer);
  • Intended use of the canal land;
  • Relevant maps, plats, pictures, or other documents that clearly illustrate the canal land location and its boundaries.

State Canal Land Lease Application.

3-OH-d.2 – Review Application Materials

ODNR must review the application materials for administrative completeness.

3-OH-d.3 – Does the ODNR Approve the State Canal Land Lease?

3-OH-d.4 – State Canal Land Lease

If the State Canal Land Lease Application is approved, the ODNR issues a State Canal Land Lease. The majority of leases are for fifteen (15) year terms. Ohio Department of Natural Resources – Leasing Ohio Canal Land Webpage.

3-OH-d.5 – Appeal Decision (If Applicable)

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