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Nevada State Land Leasing Process and Land Access (3-NV-a)

State Land Leasing Process and Land Access

Nevada does not have specific geothermal leasing regulations because geothermal resources in Nevada belong to the owner of the surface property. Although the federal government controls 83% of the acreage in Nevada, the majority of existing geothermal power plants are on private land.

The State Land Registrar is charged with keeping records of all lands and interests in lands held by the state of Nevada. However, persons wishing to use public lands in Nevada should apply for authorization with the State Land Registrar. NAC § 321.030. The Registrar (Administrator) is the executive officer of the Nevada Division of State Lands and more information can be found at their website.

The Application Form to Use State Lands should be completed in order to apply for a lease to develop geothermal resources on state lands.

NRS § 322.010-322.040 provide general authorization and guidelines allowing the Registrar to lease public lands for oil, coal, gas or geothermal resources. The following guidelines must be followed by the Registrar in granting leases on public lands:

  1. Parcels may only be 40 acres or greater and 1,280 or less;
  2. Royalties must not be less than ten percent of the gross value of any geothermal resource derived from the lease and five percent of the gross value of any by-product sold or utilized;
  3. Every lease must be negotiated under such terms or rent or royalty that they are not less favorable than similar leaseholds in the vicinity;

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  • Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS)
  • Nevada Administrative Code (NAC)
  • NRS 322.010-322.040 Leases for Extraction of Oil, Coal, Gas or Geothermal Resources

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