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Hawaii Underground Storage Tank Permit (18-HI-a)

The developer must obtain an Underground Storage Tank (UST) Permit under Hawaii Administrative Regulations Title 11, Chapter 281 from the Hawaii Department of Health Solid and Hazardous Waste Branch to install and operate an UST or tank system. The application form for the permit is anticipated to be updated during the fall of 2013, but the permit requirements for new installations remain the same.

Underground Storage Tank Permit Process

18-HI-a.1 – Application for Underground Storage Tank Permit

The developer should submit the Application for UST Permit to the DOH – Solid and Hazardous Waste Branch. The application should include at least:

  • the general information of the parties involved;
  • the location of the UST or tank system;
  • a basic description of the UST or tank system; and
  • other information as the department may require.

Tanks installed before January 2000 need to get an operational permit. There will be a three-year phase-in period for this requirement, tentatively starting in 2013. The application form will be Appendix II in the UST application, due to be revised in mid-2013.

18-HI-a.2 to 18-HI-b.3 – Review Application Material/Does DOH Approve Permit

The DOH Solid and Hazardous Waste Branch reviews the Application for a UST Permit and determines whether the application is complete. If the application is complete, it will take DOH about 4 weeks to approve the UST permit; DOH has up to 180 days to approve. If the permit is not complete, DOH will work with the developer to complete the application.

18-HI-a.4 – Underground Storage Tank Permit

If DOH grants the UST Permit, the developer has one year to install the UST tank or system. The UST permit is valid for a term of five years.

18-HI-a.5 – Notify DOH of Installation of Underground Storage Tank

The developer must notify DOH 7 days prior to installing the UST.

Requirements regarding when to submit a notification form have been streamlined in 2013. The owner of an UST or tank system shall notify the department of any of the following changes in information relating to the UST or tank system: 1) permanent or temporary closure, or the return to currently-in-use status; 2) change-in-service under subchapter 8; 3) changes in product dispensing method, dispenser, or under dispenser containment; 4) changes in financial responsibility mechanism; 5) changes in leak detection method; 6) changes in spill and overfill prevention method; 7) changes in piping; 8) changes in type of regulated substances stored; 9) changes in corrosion protection mechanism; and 10) installation of or changes in secondary containment.

18-HI-a.6 – Did the Developer Install the Underground Storage Tank within 1 year

If the Developer fails to install the UST system within one year after the DOH issues the UST Permit to install the UST, the permit is considered expired and the applicant must reapply for a new UST Permit.

18-HI-a.7 – Certificate of Underground Storage Tank Installation Form

After the developer installs the UST system, the developer must notify the DOH of installation by submitting the Certificate of Underground Storage Tank Installation Form (Appendix III) to the DOH within 30 days after tank installation.

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