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Utah Underground Injection Control Permit (14-UT-c)

The Safe Drinking Water Act requires Utah to implement technical criteria and standards to protect underground sources of drinking water from contamination. Under UAC R317-7-6.1, the owner or operator of a new underground injection well is required to submit UIC Inventory Information or to obtain a permit from the Utah Department of Environmental Quality(DEQ). Class V underground injection wells are authorized by rule, subject to limitations and conditions provided in UAC R317-7-6.5.

Underground Injection Control Permit Process

14-UT-c.1 - Hold Pre-application Meeting

The Utah DEQ Division of Water Quality, the Utah Division of Water Right, and the developer hold a pre-application meeting.

14-UT-c.2 - Does the UIC Program Require a Permit

Under UAC R317-7-6.4, the Executive Secretary may require any owner or operator of a Class I, III, or V well authorized by rule under UAC R317-7-6.3 to apply for and obtain an individual or area permit. The Executive Secretary may require a permit if:

  • The injection well is not in compliance with applicable rules;
  • the injection is not or no longer within the category of wells and types of wells authorized by rule; or
  • for protection of an USDW

An owner or operator of an underground injection control well authorized by rule under UAC R317-7-6.4 may request a permit from the Executive Secretary of DEQ.

14-UT-c.3 – Well Inventory Report

The owner or operator of an underground injection control well authorized by rule under UAC R317-7-6.3 must submit inventory information to the Executive Secretary of DEQ on a UIC Inventory Information Form. The General form should be used for geothermal power re-injection wells.

14-UT-c.4 - Authorization by Rule Letter

The DEQ Division of Water Quality sends the developer an Authorization by Rule Letter.

14-UT-c.5 – Underground Injection Control Permit Application

If the DEQ determines that the project requires a Class V UIC Permit, the developer must prepare and sign an Underground Injection Control Permit Application.

14-UT-c.6 to 14-UT-c.7 - Review Application for Completeness

DWQ/UIC staff reviews the application for completeness within 30 days of receiving the application and accepts the application if complete.

14-UT-c.8 - Does the DEQ Issue a Draft Permit

The DEQ reviews the application and determines whether to allow the developer to proceed with the proposed underground injection.

14-UT-c.9 - Draft Underground Injection Control Permit

If the DEQ decides to allow the developer to proceed with the proposed underground injection, the DEQ issues a Draft Permit.

14-UT-c.10 - Publish Notice of Intent to Issue Permit

DWQ/UIC staff prepares and publishes notice of intent to issue permit.

14-UT-c.11 - Submit Comments

The public has 30 days to submit comments on the draft permit.

14-UT-c.12 - Respond to Public Comments

DWQ/UIC staff responds to any comments that may have been submitted during the public comment period.

14-UT-c.13 - Modify Draft Permit (if required)

DWQ/UIC staff revises the draft permit to address public comments.

14-UT-c.14 - Underground Injection Control Permit

The DWQ/UIC staff issues or denies the UIC permit.

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