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EPA UIC (14-FD-c)

The United States Environmental Protection Agency’s UIC Program is responsible for regulating construction, operation, permitting, and closure of injection wells that place fluids underground for storage or disposal. Geothermal electric power wells are classified as Class V wells and either regulated by an individual permit at the state level or at the federal level by rule under 40 CFR 144.24. The EPA regulates Class V injection wells on Federal lands, many tribal lands, and in some states. Although Class V wells subject to the conditions in 40 CFR 144.84 are regulated by rule, under 40 CFR 144.25 the developer may request a permit or the Director may require a permit under certain conditions. If the developer does not request a permit and the Director does not require a permit, the only condition placed on Class V geothermal electric power wells is the submission of an inventory report.

EPA UIC Process

14-FD-c.1 – Well Inventory Report

The owner or operator of an injection well which is authorized by rule under 40 CFR 144.24 must submit an inventory report under 40 CFR 144.26. An owner or operator who fails to submit an inventory report is prohibited from injecting into the well upon failure to submit inventory information. The Well Inventory Report must minimally include the following information:

  • Facility name and location
  • Name and address of legal contact
  • Ownership of facility
  • Nature and type of injection wells
  • Operating status of injection wells

Additionally, for an EPA administered program, the owner or operator of a geothermal electric power well must provide a list of all the wells owned or operated and the following information:

  • Location of each well by Township, Range, Section, and Quarter-Section or by latitude or longitude
  • Date of completion of each well
  • Identification and depth of the formation into which each well is injecting
  • Total depth of each well
  • Casing and cementing record, tubing size, and depth of packer
  • Nature of the injected fluids
  • Average and maximum injection pressure at the wellhead
  • Date of last mechanical integrity test, if any

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