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Texas State Cultural Considerations Overview (11-TX-a)

State Cultural Considerations Overview Process

11-TX-a.1 - Have Potential Human Remains Been Discovered?

If the developer discovers potential human remains during any part of the development process, the developer must contact the proper authorities.

11-TX-a.2 - Human Remains Process

If human remains are discovered, a specific set of procedures must be followed. This includes contacting the appropriate authorities for investigation.

Human Remains Process:

11-TX-a.3 - Have Other Cultural Resources Been Discovered?

In Texas, cultural resources include: sites, objects, buildings, artifacts, implements, and locations of historical, archaeological, scientific, or educational interest, as well as sunken or abandoned pre-twentieth century ships and wrecks of the sea, and all treasure embedded in the earth. (TNRC Sec. 191.091 and Sec. 191.092).

11-TX-a.4 - Cultural Resource Discovery Process

If other cultural resources are discovered, then the developer is required to complete the cultural resource discovery process.

Cultural Resource Discovery Process:

11-TX-a.5 - Continue with Project

If no other cultural resources are discovered, then the project may continue.

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