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Utah Land Use Planning (1-UT-a)

Land use planning in Utah is delegated to municipalities.

Land Use Planning Process

1-UT-a.1 - Land Use Planning Overview

Under UC sec. 10-9a-101, land use planning in Utah is delegated to municipalities. To a limited extent, the process for plan preparation is defined by state law under UC section 10-9a-403. Municipal general plans must include a land use element, transportation and traffic circulation element, and, for cities, an estimate of need for moderate income housing, and a plan to provide a realistic opportunity for the development of moderate income housing within the planning horizon. If a local government wishes to charge impact fees, they are also required to adopt a Capital Facilities Plan. Impact fees may be collected by local governments, as a condition of development approval, to offset the costs associated with the impact of new development on public infrastructure. An environmental element that addresses the protection, conservation, development, and use of natural resources is optional.

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