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Utah Land Use Planning (1-UT-a)

Information current as of 2020
In Utah, any person (developer) may need approval from the municipal planning commission where a project is located prior to commencing construction. Utah Code § 10-9a-102. Land use planning in Utah is primarily delegated to local and municipal governments. A developer should ensure that a proposed project complies with the adopted land use plans and zoning regulations of the municipality in which the proposed project is located. Utah Code § 10-9a-102. Municipalities may prepare or amend and adopt a plan of conservation and development for the municipality. Utah Code § 10-9a-102(2). Municipalities may also formulate and adopt zoning regulations. Utah Code § 10-9a-102(2).

Land Use Planning Process

1-UT-a.1 - Land Use Planning Overview

The developer should check the local government website, or contact the municipal clerk, or planning board to identify and applicable conservation and development plans and zoning regulations. If a project does not comply with applicable municipal plans and/or zoning regulations, a developer may need a special permit, special exception, or variance from a municipal plan or zoning regulation. The special permit, special exception, or variance application or request required may vary by municipality.

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