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Montana Land Use Planning (1-MT-a)

Information current as of 2020
In Montana, land use planning may be delegated to local governments.

Land Use Planning Process

1-MT-a.1 – Land Use Planning Delegated to Municipal Governments

Under the Local Planning Enabling Act (M.C.A. secs. 71-1-01 to 71-1-606), land use planning authority in Montana is delegated to local governments. The Act enables local governments to establish growth policy for land within their jurisdictions. Planning jurisdictions may encompass incorporated urban areas or entire counties. The Act also sets out the required procedures. If enacted, a growth policy must include community goals and objectives and an inventory of the existing characteristics and features of the jurisdictional area, including:

  • Land uses, population;
  • Housing needs;
  • Economic conditions;
  • Local services;
  • Public facilities;
  • Natural resources; and
  • Sand and gravel resources. (M.C.A. sec. 76-1-601(3)(b)).

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