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Louisiana Land Use Planning (1-LA-a)

Information current as of 2019
In Louisiana, land use planning is delegated to municipalities and parishes. LA. Stat. Ann. §33:106 (2004). The municipal planning commission must create and adopt a master land use plan for the development of the municipality. LA. Stat. Ann. §33:106.A(2) (2004).

Land Use Planning Process

1-LA-a.1 to 1-LA-a.3 — Review Local Land Use Plans

The local land use planning commission must create and adopt a master land use plan for the development of the municipality or parish. LA. Stat. Ann. §33:106.A(2) (2004). The master plan may include a recommendation for the general location and extent of public utilities, including publicly or privately owned light and power utilities. LA. Stat. Ann. §33:106.B(2) (2004). The developer must review the local master plan and any accompanying maps, studies, or other information to determine if the proposed project is in compliance with the master plan. LA. Stat. Ann. §33:106.B(1) (2004).

1-LA-a.4 to 1-LA-a.8 — Submit Documents

The developer must submit development documents to the local planning commission even if the project conforms to the master plan. The commission reviews the development documents and must make a final decision within 60 days or the project is assumed to be approved. The commission must notify the local government if the project is denied. The local government has the authority to overrule a commission denial of a project. LA. Stat. Ann. §33:109.A (2004).

1-LA-a.9 — Petition for Zoning Variance or Amendment to Master Plan

The developer should petition for a zoning variance or amendment in the manner prescribed by the local government.

1-LA-a.10 to 1-LA-a.11 — Publish Notice of Public Hearing

The local planning commission must hold a public hearing before making an amendment to the master plan. LA. Stat. Ann. §33:108.B (1952). The local land use planning commission must provide notice of the purpose, time, and place of a public hearing in the local newspaper ten (10) days before the hearing. LA. Stat. Ann. §33:108.B (1952).

1-LA-a.12 — Proceed with Zoning Variance or Amendment Process

After the hearing, the developer and local government may proceed with the zoning variance or amendment process.

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