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Kansas Land Use Planning (1-KS-a)

Information current as of 2020
In Kansas, land use planning may be delegated to local municipalities and counties. depending on the jursidiction.

Land Use Planning Process

1-KS-a.1 – Land Use Planning Delegated to Municipalities and Counties

In Kansas, there is no statewide land use planning process. Land use planning is delegated to local municipalities and counties. Land Use Plans (LUPs) are used by state and federal agencies to manage public lands. They form the basis for every action and approved use of those lands. Different agencies will refer to LUPs by different names, but all LUPs serve the same purpose; to dictate what actions can and cannot be taken on the managed unit of land. Non-conforming uses require a LUP be amended or revised before a right-of-way or special use permit can be authorized.

K.S.A. 12-741 et seq., Cities and Municipalities authorizes county and city authorities to regulate land use through the adoption of zoning ordinances. Kansas presently has a mix of zoned and unzoned counties. The State’s zoned counties and local municipalities have exercised their authority to restrict or permit land uses. For example, some zoned counties have imposed specific siting regulations, which typically include setback and/or decommissioning requirements. The State’s unzoned counties generally have yet to impose siting and/or permitting requirements.

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