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Pythagoras Solar
Pythagoras Solar is a company conceived in Petach Tikva, Israel, with offices in Taipei, Taiwan and San Mateo, California. Pythagoras Solar specializes in building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV), which make buildings more efficient by harnessing energy from the sun, generate power directly from it, and self-power buildings. Pythagoras Solar also tries to develop aesthetically-pleasing designs for BIPV systems.

Pythagoras Solar has systems that can are optimized for curtain, wall, or skylight applications. Additional software tools can achieve further optimization needed at certain elevations, location, or climate zones. Pythagoras' photovoltaic glass unit (PVGU) is the company's latest addition, further optimizing BIPV systems with increased efficiency and aesthetic quality.[2]

In The News[edit]

The PVGU was recently developed by PVGU, and has made news with the advance of their technology for BIPV. Different from the conventional BIPV, the PVGU has the ability so block solar radiation, concentrate sunlight, and convert it into energy which can then be used by the building all within the unit. This cuts down on energy costs and consumption of electricity by buildings and, in turn, reduces emissions of carbon dioxide.

It is predicted that the market for BIPV is ramping up, and Pythagoras solar is keeping up with the future of this technology. The PVGU units are not yet available, but are expected to be later this year for curtain, wall, and skylight applications.[3] Pythagoras' PVGU


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