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Aisin Seiki G60 +Internal Combustion Engine  +
American Science and Technology +Organosolv, biorefinery  +
Anyang GEMCO Energy Machinery Co, Ltd +Biodiesel, Biorefinery  +
Anyang Machinery Co., Ltd +Wind turbine tower manufacturing, wind turbine tower flanges manufacturing, wind turbine tower anchor cage manufacturing, wind turbine tower internals manufacturing  +
Bioroot Energy +GTL fuel synthesis, gasification  +
Bombora Wave Power +MWave  +
CSE Solar Energy +Eletricidade, Energias Renováveis, Solar, Eólica.  +
Capstone C30 +Microturbine  +
Capstone C60 +Microturbine  +
Caterpillar DM5498 +Internal Combustion Engine  +
Caterpillar DM7915 +Internal Combustion Engine  +
Caterpillar G3508 +Internal Combustion Engine  +
Caterpillar G3516 +Internal Combustion Engine  +
Caterpillar G379 +Internal Combustion Engine  +
Coast Intelligen 150-IC with ECS +Internal Combustion Engine  +
Coast Intelligen CI60 +Internal Combustion Engine  +
Distributed Generation Study/10 West 66th Street Corp +Microturbine  +
Distributed Generation Study/615 kW Waukesha Packaged System +Internal Combustion Engine  +
Distributed Generation Study/Aisin Seiki G60 at Hooligans Bar and Grille +Internal Combustion Engine  +
Distributed Generation Study/Arrow Linen +Internal Combustion Engine  +
Distributed Generation Study/Dakota Station (Minnegasco) +Microturbine  +
Distributed Generation Study/Elgin Community College +Internal Combustion Engine  +
Distributed Generation Study/Emerling Farm +Internal Combustion Engine  +
Distributed Generation Study/Floyd Bennett +Microturbine  +
Distributed Generation Study/Harbec Plastics +Microturbine  +