Distributed Generation Study/Dakota Station (Minnegasco)

From Open Energy Information
Study Location Burnsville, Minnesota
Site Description Other Utility
Study Type Case Study
Technology Microturbine
Prime Mover Capstone C30
Heat Recovery Systems Unifin
Fuel Natural Gas
System Installer Capstone Turbine Corp
System Enclosure Outdoor
System Application Combined Heat and Power
Number of Prime Movers 1
Stand-alone Capability None
Power Rating 30 kW
0.03 MW
30,000 W
30,000,000 mW
3.0e-5 GW
3.0e-8 TW
Nominal Voltage (V) 0
Heat Recovery Rating (BTU/hr) 290000
Cooling Capacity (Refrig/Tons)
Origin of Controller Manufacturer-Integrated
Component Integration Customer Assembled
Start Date 2000/03/13
Monitoring Termination Date 2002/03/31
Primary Power Application Based Load
Secondary Power Application Backup
Primary Heat/Cooling Application Space Heat and/or Cooling
Secondary Heat/Cooling Application Other
Capacity Factor .99
Availability 99
Electrical Efficiency (HHV)
Electrical Efficiency (LHV)
Highest Combustion Intake Air Temperature (F) 99°F
310.372 K
37.222 °C
558.67 °R
Lowest Combustion Intake Air Temperature (F) 0°F
255.372 K
-17.778 °C
459.67 °R
NOx Emissions Data Available Yes
CO Emissions Data Available No
12-Month Run Hours 8750
12-Month Energy Savings (USD) 18000
System Cost (USD) 47500
Report URL https://openei.org/wiki/File:Sr-DakotaStation-0405.pdf
Study Verified Yes