Distributed Generation Study/Aisin Seiki G60 at Hooligans Bar and Grille

From Open Energy Information
Study Location Liverpool, New York
Site Description Commercial-Restaurant
Study Type Field Test
Technology Internal Combustion Engine
Prime Mover Aisin Seiki G60
Heat Recovery Systems Built-in
Fuel Natural Gas
System Installer ECO Technical Solutions
System Enclosure Outdoor
System Application Combined Heat and Power
Number of Prime Movers 1
Stand-alone Capability None
Power Rating 6 kW
0.006 MW
6,000 W
6,000,000 mW
6.0e-6 GW
6.0e-9 TW
Nominal Voltage (V) 240
Heat Recovery Rating (BTU/hr) 46105
Cooling Capacity (Refrig/Tons)
Origin of Controller Manufacturer-Integrated
Component Integration Customer Assembled
Start Date 2005/07/10
Monitoring Termination Date 2005/07/21
Primary Power Application Based Load
Secondary Power Application
Primary Heat/Cooling Application Domestic Hot Water
Secondary Heat/Cooling Application
Capacity Factor
Electrical Efficiency (HHV)
Electrical Efficiency (LHV)
Highest Combustion Intake Air Temperature (F) 96°F
308.706 K
35.556 °C
555.67 °R
Lowest Combustion Intake Air Temperature (F) 65°F
291.483 K
18.333 °C
524.67 °R
NOx Emissions Data Available No
CO Emissions Data Available No
12-Month Run Hours
12-Month Energy Savings (USD)
System Cost (USD)
Report URL https://openei.org/wiki/File:Aisin20vr_final.pdf
Study Verified Yes