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Pfhotonika, a division of Iteknowledgies International, is developing a hydrogen-based power system that is modular and of variable power outputs targeting the distributed power market for clean energy. Pfhotonika research has developed state of the art solar cells and very efficient electrolysis modules to greatly improve hydrogen production efficiency.

Pfotonika uses modular components that are easily matched to utilize "Green Energy" and "Conventional Energy" sources to provide electric power for industrial, commercial and home needs. The modules are engineered into a Distributed Hydrogen Power Station (DHPS) that can use either energy source to produce hydrogen to fuel and operate a fuel cell that produces electricity, heat and hot water.

A DHPS can be easily configured to utilize several different energy sources since the DHPS design is based on the following two considerations, the energy source(s) and the proper modules:

1. Energy Source determines the primary source of energy to produce Hydrogen

  • PV Solar Powered Hydrogen Power Station
  • Thermal Solar Powered Hydrogen Power Station
  • Wind Powered Hydrogen Power Station
  • Wave Powered Hydrogen Power Station
  • Reformed BioEthanol Powered Hydrogen Power Station
  • Reformed Natural Gas
  • Thermal Nuclear produced Gas

2. DHPS Modules that use Hydrogen in a fuel cell to produce electricity, heat and hot water.

  • Solar Cell panels designed by Pfhotonika Engineering
  • Water electrolyzing module, which has world-leading efficiency
  • Reformer to extract hydrogen from natural gas
  • Refiner to purify the hydrogen
  • Compressor for pressurizing the extracted hydrogen
  • High pressure tank unit to store the pressurized hydrogen
  • Fuel cell unit to provide power that utilizes some of the extracted hydrogen


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