Iteknowledgies International

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Iteknowledgies International based in Scottsdale, Arizona: Energy Resources, is a technology development and engineering consultancy that focuses on automation, energy, environmental, mobility and security technologies.


Green energy automation and control with IT integration using DCS, SCADA, PLC and PC based systems


A robust utility aircraft designed with diesel hybrid propulsion system for higher cruise speed, increased carrying capacity, lower fuel burn and reduced maintenance costs


AeroElektra, an electric powered aircraft that offers carbon free flying thru the use of a hydrogen fuel-cell powered electric propulsion system.


Hydrogen fuel-cell powered electric automobile that will exceed all future mileage and environmental requirements while providing a new standard in sustainability.


Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems powered by Turbines that utilize a variety of fuels and waste VOC emissions


Certified Carbon Neutral program to allow general and business aviation to offset aircraft produced carbon emissions


Radiation Detectors for environmental protection at land fills, metal smelting, metal recovery facilities and research hospital centers


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