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The Portal and Repository for Information on Marine Renewable Energy

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PRIMRE provides broad access to information on engineering and technologies, resource characterization, device performance, and environmental effects of Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) projects. PRIMRE facilitates the commercial development of the MRE industry by increasing the accessibility and discoverability of this information, integrating the databases and information portals found on this site, and developing standards and guidelines. Providing consistent, easy access to information can help reduce duplication of effort and to enable the MRE community to build upon the successes of others to innovate and advance the adoption of MRE technologies.

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Ocean Energy OE Buoy in Galway Bay, Ireland

Upcoming Events

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Sep 29, 2020 - Sep 30, 2020
Halifax, Nova Scotia
The focus of this conference will be oceanographic, hydrographic, and hydrologic applications. As with Teledyne Marine’s other users conferences, this event will be comprised of customer presentations, product/software training, on-water demonstrations, and the opportunity to consult with Teledyne’s technology experts and your industry peers. The cornerstone of this event will be the sharing of new ideas and lessons learned in a relaxed and inviting forum.
Oct 7, 2020 - Oct 7, 2020
Online (Zoom)
Launched in 2019, the Portal and Repository for Information on Marine Renewable Energy (PRIMRE) was developed to serve as a centralized access point that enhances the accessibility and discoverability of information relevant to marine renewable energy (MRE) development and operations in the U.S. Part one of this two-part webinar series will highlight new sites and tools that have been developed within PRIMRE: the MRE Technology Database, MRE Software, and Telesto. The MRE Technology Database contains information on MRE devices, points to companies active in the MRE field, and traces the development of projects around the world. MRE Software is a collection of software relevant to MRE development, including the MRE Code Hub and PRIMRE Code Catalog. Telesto is a collection of information and guidance for testing, measurement, and data analysis for MRE research, development, and demonstration.
Oct 19, 2020 - Oct 22, 2020
Biloxi, Mississippi