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The Portal and Repository for Information on Marine Renewable Energy

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PRIMRE provides broad access to information on engineering and technologies, resource characterization, device performance, and environmental effects of Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) projects. PRIMRE facilitates the commercial development of the MRE industry by increasing the accessibility and discoverability of this information, integrating the databases and information portals found on this site, and developing standards and guidelines. Providing consistent, easy access to information can help reduce duplication of effort and to enable the MRE community to build upon the successes of others to innovate and advance the adoption of MRE technologies.

To learn more about PRIMRE view the PRIMRE Webinar Series.

PRIMRE Webinar Series

captionOcean Energy OE Buoy in Galway Bay, Ireland

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American Geophysical Union Fall meeting for 2020 is one of the world's largest virtual scientific conferences, with exciting programming and events. The meeting will accommodate over a thousand hours of virtual content to minimize conflicts while maximizing global engagement. Most content will be prerecorded or available as posters for attendees to view and peruse outside of scheduled sessions during the meeting.