Open Platform of Climate-Smart Planning Instruments

From Open Energy Information


Open Platform for Climate-Smart Planning proposes the following:

  • Integrate offering of tools, datasets and support for climate-smart and green planning
  • Enhance readiness through better signposting, diagnostics, access and linkage with donor support programs
  • Catalyze large, active community of practice for faster exchange and innovation
  • Crowd-source to share, broaden and improve array of tools and datasets
  • Facilitate knowledge exchange and effective learning


Year 1 and 2 are designed to demonstrate the concept and ensure an effective model:

  • Initial focus on core suite of well-established tools and datasets for LEDS
  • Capacity support in at least 10 countries in synergy with existing efforts
  • Promote, maintain and develop tools and data, incl. through open interface
  • Initiate community of practice
  • Establish quick response helpdesk to facilitate identification of appropriate tools and approaches
  • Establish Platform, partnerships and organizational structure

Year 3 and beyond are expected to include broadening the scope and reach of the Platform.


  1.  "Open Platform of Climate-Smart Planning Instruments"