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NEPA Document Collection for: LLNV-WO1000-2009-0034-CX
CX at New York Canyon Geothermal Area for Geothermal/Exploration,

CX for 2-M Probe and Ground Magnetic Surveys at New York Canyon for Geothermal/Exploration

Proposed Action

TGP is proposing to map temperature variations below the earth's surface by installing 2-meter temperature gradient probes placed on a 1/4 mile grid out a 3/4 mile distance. The surveyors would implant 2.2 m long, 1/4 inch diameter steel probes into the ground surface at depths of up to 2 meters. The probes would be driven into the ground using a handheld 3/4 inch demolition hammer. Power for the hand held hammer would be supplied by a 2.4 kW generator. The probe would remain in the ground for approximately one hour to ensure temperature stabilization. Upon stabilization, a thermocouple would be inserted into the probe and readings would be taken. Some thermocouples would remain in the ground for up to 24 hours. A GPS will be used to record the coordinates of all temperature measurement locations. A car jack would be used to remove the rod from the ground if it cannot be removed by hand. The probes, thermocouple, data loggers, demolition hammer, generator, and other equipment would fit into an ATV, and the tailgate of the ATV would serve as a working platform for hammering the probes into the ground.


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