From Open Energy Information

INDEX is an integrated suite of interactive GIS planning support tools for:

           · Assessing community conditions.
           · Designing future scenarios in real-time.
           · Measuring scenarios with performance indicators.
           · Ranking scenarios by goal achievement.
           · Monitoring implementation of adopted plans.

Introduced in 1994, it is now supporting a wide variety of planning processes across the U.S., with over 175 organizations in 35 states equipped with the software, and another 500 applications by Criterion in a consulting capacity.

INDEX is designed to support the entire process of community planning and development. Applications begin with benchmark measurements of existing conditions to identify problems and opportunities that merit attention in plans. INDEX is then used to design and visualize alternative planning scenarios, analyze and score their performance, and compare and rank alternatives based on goal achievement. Once plans are adopted, INDEX supports implementation by evaluating the consistency of development proposals against plan goals. Over time, achievements can be periodically measured with progress reports.

At the heart of INDEX are indicators that stakeholders select to measure conditions and gauge change. INDEX PlanBuilder comes with a comprehensive set of 90 indicators that address land-use, urban design, transportation and the environment. Custom versions of INDEX have indicators specially designed for local issues.

INDEX can be purchased in standard or custom versions as an ArcMap Extension by organizations that desire their own software, or modeling services can be provided by Criterion when analysis, but not software, is desired.