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Educator Resources

Welcome to the Hydropower Educator Resources section. This database of resources, lesson plans, and related materials is available to help educators learn and teach about hydropower. We want to make it easy for educators at all levels to quickly find curricula, activities, and other tools that will help energize students around a hydro-powered future and related concepts.

Education Levels

High School
High school students can be introduced to complicated concepts such as generating electricity from hydropower. Additionally, these concepts can be incorporated in classes like physics, engineering, and environmental and earth sciences.
As students transition from high school to college, they can learn more complicated concepts related to generating electricity from hydropower. Similar to high school, in college these concepts can be addressed in different classes like physics, engineering, and environmental and earth sciences. The concepts and resources listed here are appropriate for first and second year courses.
Graduate School
Resources in this category are appropriate for graduate school students.
Vocational School
Resources in this category are designed for craft, trade, and skilled workers, as well as professional services.

Vocational school resources will be available later in 2020.

Resource Categories

Visualizations, Animations, Videos, Games
From hydropower videos to cartoons showing how water power is converted to electricity, the resources in this category guarantee fun while learning.
Curricula, Pacing Guides, Lesson Plans
Need syllabus inspiration? Curricula examples? The resources provided here make teaching about hydropower a breeze.
Site Visits, Learning Experiences, Water Power Professional Education Network
Plan a tour of a hydropower facility or find a speaker to address your class.
Teach the Teacher Programs, Teacher Kits
Teacher resources from the National Energy Education Development Project and more.

Coming in September 2020!

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