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Syllabus-Undergraduate-University of Arizona-Bauer III

Source: Carl Bauer, University of Arizona

Description: syllabus for GEOG/EVS 468: Water and Sustainability, a 400-level undergraduate class at the University of Arizona

Topics explored: This course combines geography, history, and political economy to try to better understand the relationship between water and society over time. Who owns water and how? How have humans changed river systems over time? With what benefits and costs and for whom? The first two-thirds of the course focuses on the history of water development and water rights in the Western U.S., an arid region in which control of water has long been critical to economic and population growth. The last third of the course turns to contemporary international water debates, including the pros and cons of large dams, the World Bank, water markets and privatization, environmental flows and river governance, and climate change.

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