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NEPA Document Collection for: DOI-BLM-NV-C010-2009-0006-EA
EA at Salt Wells Geothermal Area for Geothermal/Exploration

Salt Wells Geothermal Exploratory Drilling Program EA

Proposed Action

Drill a temperature gradient hole (TGH) 76-9 to 1,000 feet for the testing of the temperature gradient for a period of one year.

Data Completion Notes

7/8/2014 Changed the geothermal area back to Salt Wells. EA is for Salt Wells project thermal gradient holes. If adding multiple geothermal areas becomes possible in the future, add Carson Lake Basin as another geothermal area (they are fairly close together and were probably being explored around the same time). MB

5/19/2014 Updated geothermal area to cover Carson Lake Basin. MB

Add geothermal area as Carson Lake Basin. Add application type as NOI.

This is not an EA. This is a NOI and EA cover page.(8/7)

10/7: KERMIT - this is listed as Salt Wells. Is that the same as Carson Lake Basin? Or does this area needed to be changed?


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