Gradient Resources

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Gradient Resources is a company based in Reno, Nevada: Energy Resources.

Gradient Resources is engaged in the exploration and development of geothermal resources as well as the construction, ownership and operation of geothermal power plants. The Company is headquartered in Reno, Nevada with a regional office, drilling operations center, and well-cementing plant near its Patua and Fallon projects. Gradient was initially incorporated as a Colorado corporation in 1991.

Gradient’s core business is the development, design, construction, and operation of clean, renewable electric power generation projects and the sale of baseload renewable geothermal power to utilities located in the western United States. On a secondary level, through its subsidiaries, Gradient is also engaged in the business of drilling geothermal production wells, supplying specialized cement services for geothermal drilling activities and providing geothermal software services.


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