Community Renewable Energy Deployment: Haxtun Wind Project

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This short case study describes Phillips County's Haxtun Wind Project efforts through the Department of Energy's Community Renewable Energy Deployment (CommRE) grant program.  The County is installing a community owned wind farm near Haxtun, CO under the management of NECO Wind, LLC, under National Wind, LLC. The case study includes general economic impacts of the project, as well as how Nelco wind determined the feasibility of wind in North Eastern Colorado.  The case study also includes a brief description of the advisory board of local community members, landowners, and project founders that meet monthly to give feedback to National Wind, LLC on the project's status.

Community Information
Name Phillips County, Colorado
Type County
Population 4,480[2]
Community Energy Goals Not given
Baseline Not given
Results to Date Not given


This brief case study highlights a county involved in a community wind project, which provides a model for local ownership of renewable energy projects.  This case study also provides a project timeline for implementing the Haxtun Wind Project, including steps such as land leasing, environmental assessments, and organizing interconnection and off take agreements.  These details may be applicable to other communities seeking to deploy similar projects.

Environmental Aspects

1) The Haxtun Wind CommRE project will provide 30MW of renewable electricity, providing electricity to approximately 9000 homes.  This project contributes to NECO Wind's greater objective is to provide north eastern Colorado with 650 MW of electric. 2) None to date.

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