Community Economic Analysis: A How To Guide

From Open Energy Information

This how to guide is designed for an individual how is interested in analyzing a communities economy.


"This manual is intended for the individual interested in the analysis of a community's economy. It is not designed for direct use in citizens' meetings. Rather the publication is designed to assist individuals who need to bring information to a group of citizens or decision makers concerned with the economic future of a community. Recent swings in the national economy have heightened the interest of individuals and businesses about economic conditions in their communities and what might be done about them. A community's economy lends itself to analysis similar to that of households and businesses. While the specific forms of this analysis may not be widely known, it still raises the same questions. What are the current economic conditions in the community? What components of the community have been growing or what components have been declining? What are the community's options for improving its economic future and which of those options should be pursued first?"[1]


The paper provides a manual for understanding the economy of a community and how decisions would effect that economy. It would be useful for parties interested in understanding the effects of investemnts or policy changes on the community economy.



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