Commercial Buildings Sector Agent-Based Model

From Open Energy Information

Model the market—participants, dynamics, and constraints—help decide whether to adopt energy-efficient technologies to meet commercial building energy-efficiency targets.

Argonne is developing, testing, and applying a sector-wide, agent-based model of the commercial building energy retrofit market to assist research and development planning, market strategies, incentive programs, and policy. Using agent-based methods it represents decision-maker diversity, geographic dispersion, and the highly-complex interactions present in the retrofit markets. The Commercial Buildings Agent Based Model (CoBAM) is being developed using the Repast Simphony platform, an open-source agent-based modeling toolkit developed at Argonne.

This project will deliver a unique decision tool with long-term utility that can be used to evaluate and develop strategies to meet the Department of Energy's commercial building energy efficiency goals.

This project is being funded by U.S. Department of Energy's Building Technologies Program.


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