Climate Leadership in Parks (CLIP)

From Open Energy Information

The Climate Leadership in Parks (CLIP) Tool is a Microsoft Excel-based user-friendly application that walks National Parks through the process of becoming a Climate Friendly Park. The tool is broken into two parts or modules. Each of these modules performs a distinct function.

The Emission Inventory Module of the CLIP Tool is designed to help park staff estimate (or inventory) the emissions resulting from activities occurring within the park. This module is designed to help a park identify the impact that employees, concessionaires, and visitors have on climate change and air pollution.

The Action Planning Module of the CLIP Tool is designed to help park staff identify actions to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and criteria air pollutants, and to target specific emission reductions associated with those actions. This module culminates in the development of an Action Plan that a park can use to establish the emission mitigation actions identified as goals for the park.

If your park is interested in using these tools to develop an emissions inventory and action plan, please contact us at: