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Clean Air-Cool Planet's Small Town Carbon Calculator (STOCC) is an Excel spreadsheet GHG emissions calculator. STOCC calculates energy use, expenditures, and GHG emissions from buildings and facilities; vehicles; and streetlights operated by the municipality. STOCC can be used to develop a baseline or annual GHG inventory.

Inputs and Outputs

Inputs include:

Annual fuel consumption and cost by fuel type for buildings, vehicles, and streetlights. For communities outside of the Northeast U.S. or certain fuels, custom emissions factors must be entered.

Outputs include:

Annual fuel expense, energy consumption, and carbon dioxide emissions for buildings, vehicles, and streetlights


STOCC is a very basic GHG inventory tool specifically designed for small municipalities with GHG emissions arising primarily from buildings, vehicles and streetlights. It can be used in conjuction alone or in conjunction with EPA (Portfolio Manager) or ICLEI tools. STOCC is accompanied by a user's guide and a Data Collection Checklist containing suggestions on where to find data for each emission source. Additional resources, including a PowerPoint presentation explaining GHG emissions inventories, sample inventory report, utility and internal data request template, and utility data example are available.[1]


The STOCC calculator is designed specifically for use by small towns with relatively few municipal buildings/facilities and vehicles.

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