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COMcheck provides a method for checking a building with energy codes.


"COMcheck provides an optional way to demonstrate compliance with commercial and high-rise residential building energy codes. Commercial buildings include all use groups except single family and multifamily not over three stories in height." [1]

"The COMcheck materials (software, manual code compliance, and reference guides) simplify and clarify commercial and high-rise residential energy code compliance. Forms and checklists are included for documenting compliance." [2]

Inputs and Outputs

Inputs include: Location, Local Code or Compliance the project is seeking, building envelop component (walls, roof, windows, etc) characteristics, and system (HVAC, lighting, DHW, etc) characteristics (efficiency, total watts, etc).

Outputs include: Compliance report for code/compliance specified along with a project summary including: location, climate zone, activity types, floor area, envelope characteristics/compliance, interior and exterior lighting characteristics/compliance info, and mechanical system characteristics/compliance info.


COMcheck provides easy verification of code/standard compliance


REScheck is the residential component to COMcheck (commercial). Desktop and web versions are available for both. [3]


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