BrightPhase Energy

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BrightPhase Energy was founded in 2000 by Scott Frazier, and is headquartered in Denver, Colorado [2]. Brightphase Energy utilizes the Photensity system, a system designed to make buildings use energy more efficiently. It is specifically designed for single-story commercial buildings that use electricity, heat, hot water, and lighting [3].

The Photensity system achieves high-density energy production for commercial buildings, as well as cost-effective solutions, by combining solar electric, solar thermal, and daylight energy production into one module. The Photensity system uses a slat/louver design to concentrate the sun on a single axis and onto a single row of solar cells on the back of each slat to create electricity and heat. The slats are cooled by a cooling tube to maintain the highest level of function without overheating [4].


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