Brazil-NREL Biofuels and EERE Cooperation

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Project Description

"Brazil as a nation has embraced renewable energy technologies, particularly biofuels and ethanol production, and the importance of petro-independence as a national policy. NREL and other U.S. entities have insights and technologies that are applicable in this, and other EERE industries. Both countries have several academic, laboratory, commercial, and industrial experiences that could help influence better EERE decision making. A dialogue to foster exchange of knowledge, lessons learned, and ideas for moving RE and EE technologies forward is necessary for development of a shared set of best practices and to create an enhanced framework for bilateral and Western Hemispheric collaboration.

Project Goals and Objectives

The work effort will conduct a series of six well focused workshops and supporting materials that bring together academic, industrial, technology, and policy thought-leaders from Brazil and the U.S. to:

  • Establish a policy framework for an interlinked, enabling environment that will accelerate investment and trade in, and development, transfer, commercialization and deployment of energy efficient and cost-effective renewable energy innovations, while promoting economy growth and the development in the Western Hemisphere;
  • Establish a new, environmentally sustainable economic development model based on energy efficiency and renewable energy innovation, entrepreneurship, public-private partnership, and mutually beneficial trade and investment – for deployment in the Western Hemisphere, especially in developing countries who energy demands and industrial development are increasing rapidly;
  • Create a policy and action roadmap that would lead up to a possible 2nd US-Brazil Innovation Summit in late 2009; and
  • Foster broad discussion about EERE technology innovation, commercialization, and deployment and identification of steps for enhanced collaboration and sharing of best practices in these areas.

The workshops shall cover discrete areas related to the challenges and opportunities around enabling massive deployment of and private investment in EERE technologies. The topics shall be applicable to both countries and shall build in complexity and interdependence over the course of the series." [2]

"NREL is also working with partners in Brazil to perform a life-cycle assessment of biofuels. This is part of a multiyear effort to examine the sustainability of biofuels, direct/indirect land-use change, the benefits of integrated biorefineries (greenhouse gas reductions), and international conservation. NREL is also collaborating with partners in Brazil on advanced biofuel production R&D methods, standards, and analysis tools. In the solar area, NREL's National Center for Photovoltaics is working with Brazilian scientists on silicon solar cell technology." [1]


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