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The Biomass Scenario Model (BSM) is a modeling tool for bioeconomy analysis. It is a unique, carefully validated, state-of-the-art dynamic model of the domestic bioenergy supply chain that integrates resource availability, physical/technological/economic constraints, behavior, and policy.

The model uses a system dynamics simulation (not optimization) to show interactions across the supply chain. The BSM tracks the deployment of bioenergy given technological development and the reaction of the investment community to those technologies in the context of land availability, other energy sources, and opportunities for bioenergy over time. It has a strong emphasis on the behavior and decision making of various agents and resolves 10 geographic regions domestically.

The BSM is currently used to develop insights into bioenergy industry growth. It is suitable for coupling to vehicle-choice, agricultural, oil industry, and general economic models.

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An overview of the Biomass Scenario Model, Source: National Renewable Energy Laboratory

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