Whirlpool Corporation Smart Grid Project

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Whirlpool Corporation, located in Benton Harbor, Michigan, will receive $19 million in funding to develop a smarter energy grid. The U.S. Department of Energy selected Whirlpool Corporation as one of 100 companies to receive federal stimulus funds as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.[2]

In the Smart Appliance project, Whirlpool seeks to develop and commercialize home appliances with wireless communications and advanced control software. The objectives are to (1) develop a wireless communications protocol for home appliances, (2) design appliance control and interface software optimized for demand response and time-based rate programs, and (3) produce cost-effective communications hardware for appliances. With the development of the new appliances and systems, Whirlpool aims to provide cost-effective options for residential customers that can enhance the effectiveness of time-based rate and load management programs to reduce peak demand.[3]


Targeted Benefits

  • Reduced Peak Consumption


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