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Vatgas Hydrogen Solutions

Our commercial identity and company name " Vatgas " is derived from the Swedish noun's Väte and Vätgas representing hydrogen and hydrogen energy

Vatgas and Vatgas NU are our service marks and clean technology brands - The word " NU " is recognized through-out parts of Europe (especially in Denmark, Sweden the Netherlands and Belgium) as the word for " Now ", this can be directly translated in either in Danish, Swedish or Dutch - For impact branding and through direct association the word " NU " has a far wider outreach and target market application as in a " New and Renewable " and " On Demand " connotation and meaning



Working with us

Innovation and technology supply partners may connect with our Head Office direct by using the link provided below


  1.  "LinkedIn Company Page"
  2.  "NU Energy"

Connecting with Vatgas

Head Office
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