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This is the ContactInfo template. It is designed for use by Companies, Organizations and Government Agencies. To specify the contact info for an organization, go to that organization's page and click Edit with Form.

  • Position - The title or position for the contact person. May also be the branch of the organizations or specialty with which this contact is associated. (i.e. "Biomass", "New Applications", etc. Default is "Contact Info".)
    • This will be used to differentiate this contact from others associated with the same organization.
  • Name - The name of the contact.
    • This is optional, when a person's name is unknown this can be left empty.
  • Email - The contact's email address.
  • Phone - The contact's phone number.
  • Website - A web page URL with additional contact info.

Note: Properties generated by this template will all be set as subobject properties of Property:Contact



It should be invoked using a parent form.


For an example of this template in use, please see Alaska Division of Oil and Gas. Edit the page to see the template code and learn how the contact info was constructed.

Alaska Division of Oil and Gas#State_Mineral_Leasing_Process_ContactState Mineral Leasing Process ContactCathleene King907.269.8776http://dog.dnr.alaska.gov/
Alaska Division of Oil and Gas#Geothermal_ContactGeothermal ContactJoanne Schmidt(907) 465-3427http://dog.dnr.alaska.gov/
{{#ask:[[Contact::+]] [[Organization::Alaska Division of Oil and Gas]]
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