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The Alaska Division of Oil and Gas (DO&G) is a division of the Alaska Department of Natural Resources. DO&G is responsible for the leasing of state lands for oil, gas, and geothermal exploration. They implement innovative new programs to encourage exploration on state and private lands, and work with other agencies, local communities, and industry to fulfill the Alaska Constitution's mandate to "encourage the settlement of its land and the development of its resources by making them available for maximum use consistent with the public interest." The Alaska Constitution also required DO&G to utilize and develop our natural resources "on the sustained yield principle, subject to preferences among beneficial uses." The Division is administratively assigned to eight sections covering different regulatory groups.

Resource Evaluation

Resource Evaluation oversees the regulatory side of reservoir management and evaluates oil & gas resources.


The Permitting section issues permits, handles lease plans of operation and ensures bond placement before surface exploration.


Lease sales and administration section administers geothermal, oil & gas sales, leases, and exploration licenses.

Royalty Audit

Royalty Audit makes sure that the state of Alaska receives full value of royalty payments.

Royalty Accounting

Royalty Accounting tracks royalty ownership, conducts audits and allocates royalty revenue from each producing property.


The Unit section manages lease groupings known as units and reviews and approves contraction, expansion and terminations of units.


Petroleum Systems Integrity Office, (PSIO), conducts gap analysis, leads inter-agency oil-gas facility management and coordinates liaison agencies.


The Commercial Section does contract negotiations, economic analysis, provides expertise to support oil & gas policy and regulations.

GIS, IT, & Admin.

Support services are provided by Admin, IT & GIS sections with custom in-house applications, map publication and admin services.


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