Sioux Valley Southwestern Electric Cooperative, Inc. Smart Grid Project

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Sioux Valley Southwestern Electric Cooperative, Inc., located in Colman, South Dakota, will receive $4 million in funding to develop a smarter energy grid. The U.S. Department of Energy selected Sioux Valley Southwestern Electric as one of 100 companies to receive federal stimulus funds as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.[2]

The project implements two-way communications to: (1) allow customers to view their energy consumption at their convenience through a Web portal and other customer systems, (2) allow SVE to manage, measure, and verify targeted demand reductions during peak periods, (3) allow SVE to evaluate the breadth of outages and restore those outages more quickly, often without the necessity of the customer calling to inform SVE of the outage, (4) perform near-real-time engineering analysis of the electric distribution system to allow for the most prudent use of capital dollars for system improvements, and (5) facilitate the installation of customer-owned distributed generation, typically renewable energy, without any additional metering costs to the customer. [3]


  • 29,000 Smart Meters
  • AMI Communications Systems
  • Meter Communications Network
  • Backhaul Communications
  • Meter Data Management System
  • Home Area Networks
  • 200 In-Home Displays
  • 200 Programmable Communicating Thermostats
  • Customer Web Portals

Targeted Benefits

  • Reduced Electricity Costs for Customers
  • Reduced Operating and Maintenance Costs
  • Increased Electric Service Reliability and Power Quality
  • Reduced Costs from Equipment Failures, Distribution Line Losses, and Theft
  • Deferred Investment in Generation Capacity Expansion
  • Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions


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