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Property Name Regulations
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Description Regulations as listed on cleanenergysolutions.org
  • Agriculture Efficiency Requirements
  • Appliance & Equipment Standards and Required Labeling
  • Audit Requirements
  • Building Certification
  • Building Codes
  • Cost Recovery/Allocation
  • Emissions Mitigation Scheme
  • Emissions Standards
  • Enabling Legislation
  • Energy Standards
  • Feebates
  • Feed-in Tariffs
  • Fuel Efficiency Standards
  • Incandescent Phase-Out
  • Mandates/Targets
  • Net Metering & Interconnection
  • Resource Integration Planning
  • Safety Standards
  • Upgrade Requirements
  • Utility/Electricity Service Costs

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A Compendium of Utility-Sponsored Energy-Efficient Rebate Programs +Feebates  +
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Aligning Utility Incentives with Investment in Energy Efficiency: A Resource of the National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency (United States) +Mandates/Targets  +
Aligning Utility Interests with Energy Efficiency Objectives: A Review of Recent Efforts at Decoupling and Performance Incentives +Utility/Electricity Service Costs  +
Alternative Trading Arrangements for Intermittent Renewable Power: A Centralised Renewables Market and Other Concepts +Utility/Electricity Service Costs  +
Annual Review of Low-Carbon Development in China (2011-2012): Chapter Summaries +Mandates/Targets  +
Appliance Energy Consumption in Australia +Appliance & Equipment Standards and Required Labeling  +
Approaches to Electric Utility Energy Efficiency for Low Income Customers in a Changing Regulatory Environment +Feebates  +
Assessment of Achievable Potential from Energy Efficiency and Demand Response Programs in the United States (U.S.) (2010-2030) +Mandates/Targets  +
Australia's Green Vehicle Guide +Fuel Efficiency Standards  +
BUILD UP: Energy Solutions for Better Buildings (Website) +Building Certification  +
Benefits and Costs of Aggressive Energy Efficiency Programs and the Impacts of Alternative Sources of Funding: Case Study of Massachusetts +Utility/Electricity Service Costs  +
California Customer Load Reductions during the Electricity Crisis: Did They Help to Keep the Lights On? +Mandates/Targets  +
Canada's Fuel Consumption Guide Website +Fuel Efficiency Standards  +
Carbon Capture, Transport and Storage Regulatory Test Exercise: Output Report +Emissions Mitigation Scheme  +
Carrots for Utilities: Providing Financial Returns for Utility Investments in Energy Efficiency +Cost Recovery/Allocation  +
Comparison of Energy Efficiency Incentive Programs: Rebates and White Certificates **Subscription Required** +Mandates/Targets  +
Coordination of Energy Efficiency and Demand Response: A Resource of the National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency +Energy Standards  +
Cost of Renewable Energy Spreadsheet Tool (CREST) +Feed-in Tariffs  +
Cost-Benefit Analysis of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Technology +Fuel Efficiency Standards  +
Cost-Benefit Analysis of Smart Grid Technologies Through System Simulations +Feed-in Tariffs  +
Current Status of Energy Efficiency in South Africa (Presentation) +Feed-in Tariffs  +
Demand Response & Smart Grid - State Legislative and Regulatory Policy Actions: October 2008 to May 2010 +Enabling Legislation  +
Demand Responsive Lighting: A Scoping Study +Incandescent Phase-Out  +