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Antelope Valley Neset +A complete record of project files can be found on the RUS website: http://www.rd.usda.gov/publications/environmental-studies/impact-statements/avs-neset-345kv-transmission-line-project-north  +
BLM-NV-WN-ES-08-01-1310, NV-020-08-01 +8/2: Data reviewed for completion  +
Barren Ridge Renewable Transmission +LADWP Project Website: https://www.ladwp.com/ladwp/faces/ladwp/aboutus/a-power/a-p-projects/a-p-p-barrenridgerenewabletransmission  +
Big Eddy-Knight +A complete record of the project files can be found on the Project website at: http://efw.bpa.gov/environmental_services/Document_Library/Big_Eddy-Knight/  +
Boardman to Hemingway +A complete record of project files can be found on the Project website at: http://www.boardmantohemingway.com/default.aspx NEPA Resource Analysis chart updated May 2016.  +
Bordertown to California Transmission +A complete record of project files can be found on the USFS website at: http://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/htnf/news-events/?cid=STELPRD3825485  +
CA-96062042 +Argonne has EA file - maybe in NGDS? 8/26/2013 - Not sure what above note refers to. This is an EIS, not an EA. The Final EIS is already here and uploaded. Mitigation measures not fully populated. OpenEI wouldn't take any Wildlife mitigation past 4.3.8.j. Same with Visual mitigation from 4.9.5a onward. Human Health and Safety mitigation measures need to be added once that category is added.  +
Cameron to Milford-138kV Transmission Line +For copies of the ROW Grant Terms and Conditions, Special Stipulations, and Plan of Development, contact the Cedar City Field Office at: 176 East DL Sargent Drive, Cedar City, Utah 84721 or call 435-865-3000.  +
Central Ferry Lower Monumental +A complete record of project files can be found on the Project website at: http://efw.bpa.gov/environmental_services/Document_Library/Central_Ferry-Lower_Monumental/  +
DNA-NV-030-09-03 +5/14/2014 Moved page to DNA-NV-030-09-03. MB Should we move this page to the DNA number of DNA-NV-030-09-03?  +
DOE-EA-1116 +5/21/2014: added Decision Date based on signature date on final page of the EA. For the convenience of future reviewers, the latest date I can find on the 1998 application attachments is 5/21/1998. Many of the application documents for the 1993 EA application appear to be dated Nov/Dec 1993. MB Data entry complete 8/15. KERMIT: Need to add Public Health and Safety as a Resource  +
DOE-EA-1621 +Data entry complete 8/14; KERMIT  +
DOE-EA-1676 +FONSI only, no EA. Data complete 8/7. 8/27/2013. Andrew Gentile emailed Casey Strickland asking for EA file to be checked on DOE's website since it won't download.  +
DOE-EA-1733 +Data entry complete 8/13; KERMIT: Need to add Public Health and Safety as a resource  +
DOE-EA-1759 +Data entry complete 8/14  +
DOE-EA-1849 +5/13/2013 Changed Geothermal Area to McGuiness Hills, Jersey Valley already exists on OpenEI, Tuscarora still needs to be added (facility might be associated with the Hot Sulphur Springs Geothermal Area). Need to add capability to assign more than one geothermal area to a single NEPA activity before the other areas can be assigned to this page. MB Entry complete 8/8 3 Geothermal Areas: Jersey Valley, McGuiness Hills, and Tuscarora. These all needed to be added to OpenEI. KERMIT: Need to add Public Health and Safety as a resource  +
DOE-EA-1961 +8/15 No EA doc. Only EA Determination Memo 8/27/13. This is not a geothermal project. Should be deleted.  +
DOE-EIS-0298 +The EIS contains extensive mitigation measures that can be added here when time allows. (The application was denied - mitigation was not sufficient to address Native American concerns.)  +
DOI-BLM-CA-017-05-051 +8/9 Data entry complete. Attached FONSI does not seem to be fully related to the attached EA. The FONSI is for a geothermal well and slimhole exploration project and the EA is for a pipeline project. Need to add Public Health and Safety as a resource 8/22/13 - The 'FONSI/DR is actually for EA CA-170-02-15 Bassalt Canyon..dated Jan 2002 KW 8/26/13 - I deleted the FONSI from this page. Filename is incorrect for the file and stands as "CA-017-05-51-EA-DR -FONSI.pdf," Andrew Gentile. Unable to find Final EA or FONSI online. When RMP added, add "Inyo National Forest “Land and Resource Management Plan” (LRMP) 1988"  +
DOI-BLM-CA-067-2006-12 +KERMIT: Argonne has EA file - maybe in NGDS?  +
DOI-BLM-CA-170-02-15 +Pages 10-20 should be deleted from the FONSI PDF. They are a separate FONSI from 2005.  +
DOI-BLM-CA-670-2010-107 +5/12/2014 - Assigned this CX to the North Brawley Geothermal Area (could also be the Salton Sea Geothermal Area, both fields lie within Imperial Valley. We will need to check the individual well field information for both areas to find this particular well). MB 8/26/2013 - Need lease number, geothermal area (Imperial valley, aded to drop down list?) and GDP application date KW 8/26/2013 - When RMP field is added, add "California Desert Conservation Area (CDCA) 1980 and San Diego County Resource Management Plan (2009)"  +
DOI-BLM-CA-C050-2009-0005-EA +8/2: Addition of new information  +
DOI-BLM-CA-EA-2002-??? +Argonne has EA file - maybe in NGDS? Data entry based on draft EA complete 8/16  +
DOI-BLM-CA-ES-2007-017-3200 +8/2: Available data entered. 8/27/2013: This is a leasing EA. Leasing EAs are not to be included in the NEPA database. Please delete. - Andrew Gentile.  +