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NEPA Document Collection for: DOI-BLM-NV-C010-2012-0035-DNA
DNA at Dead Horse Wells Geothermal Area for Geothermal/Well Field

DNA for Geothermal Drilling Permits 12-A-12, 54A-11, 62-11, and Sundry Notice Well 65-11 at Dead Horse Wells for Geothermal/Well Field

Proposed Action

ORMAT Nevada Inc. proposes to drill four production wells as part of their exploration and development of the geothermal resource potential of the Wild Rose (aka Dead Horse Wells) lease area in Gabbs Valley. Access to wells 65-11 and 54A-11 would be along an overland route previously used for drilling well 54-11. Access to well 12A-12 would be along an overland route previously used for drilling well 12-12. ORMAT proposes to improve the existing overland routes by constructing an all-weather road across the surface. The constructed road would be 16 feet wide and have turnouts every 1,000 feet as required by the Gold Book. Access to site 62-11 would be along a newly constructed road starting at either well 65-11 from well 12A-12. A well pad approximately 350 feet by 350 feet would be constructed at each proposed location. Vegetation and topsoil would be cleared and saved for later reclamation. The proposed sites are within the project area analyzed in DOI-BLM-NV-C010-2010-0006-EA.

Data Completion Notes

5/21/2014: Application date entered as January 2012 based on the date present on the plan map on page 5 of the DNA document. Exact date of 1/16/2012 is estimated based on the decision date. MB

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