Policies for Low Carbon Growth

From Open Energy Information

Report Contents

"In this report, we review low carbon development strategies (LCDSs) and other policy responses to climate change that have been produced, across a spectrum of high-income, middle-income and low-income countries (HICs, MICs and LICs) with differing economic characteristics, with a view to drawing out implications for policy which can be considered by developing countries, depending on their context and stage of development. The objective of the study is to review the official policy response in the case study countries, and so we have focused only on documents produced by or for governments in those countries; we have not reviewed commentaries or proposals made by other organisations seeking to influence government. The countries reviewed are: Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Ethiopia, Germany, Guyana, Mexico, Nigeria and the UK. (Shorter snapshots of climate change/low carbon policy developments have also been produced for a number of other countries: India, Malawi, Rwanda, South Africa and South Korea)."


  1.  "Low Carbon Policies"