NREL Market Analysis

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"The laboratory's market analysis helps increase the use of renewable energy (RE) and energy efficiency (EE) technologies in the marketplace by providing strategic information to stakeholders interested in rapidly changing electricity markets. Our high-quality and objective crosscutting assessments and analysis support informed decision making. Primary focuses include:"

Energy Technology/Program Cost, Performance, and Market Data

"The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) for the Department of Energy (DOE) has produced individual reports that include market data for all of its renewable energy technologies and programs. Data includes market penetration; industry trends; cost, price, and performance trends; policy and market drivers; as well as future outlook. NREL led the effort initiated by the Strategic Planning and Analysis group at EERE. These 10 technology and program market reports represent each of the renewable energy areas managed by EERE."

"NREL also has compiled a range of recent cost and capacity factor estimates for renewable energy and other technologies. This information represents a compilation of available national-level data from a variety of sources. The data used in the charts are also downloadable in Excel format."

Renewable Energy Certificate and Green Power Markets

"NREL's market group analyzes the implications of customer choice on the market demand for renewable energy as well as renewable energy certificate (REC) markets that have emerged for compliance with state renewable energy standards. They have tracked the status of voluntary markets for renewable energy and conducted analyses of regional REC market demand."


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