Mineral Springs of Alaska

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Report: Mineral Springs of Alaska

Geologists and engineers of the United States Geological Survey, who for a number of years have been investigating the mineral resources of Alaska, have incidentally noted and visited hot springs and other mineral springs in the Territory. About 20 hot springs and several cool carbonated, sulphur, and iron springs had been thus observed prior to 1915, when it seemed desirable to make a more detailed examination of these springs, not only because of their medicinal value or because their waters may be marketable, but because of their relation to the other features of the geology. The writer was accordingly detailed to examine these springs during the field season of 1915, and the present report is an account of field work done in that year between June 15 and September 4.

Gerald Ashley Waring, Richard Bryant Dole and Alfred A. Chambers

US Government Printing Office, 1917

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Gerald Ashley Waring,Richard Bryant Dole,Alfred A. Chambers. 1917. Mineral Springs of Alaska. (!) : US Government Printing Office.

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