Keystone/Mesquite Lake Geothermal Project

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Development Project: Keystone/Mesquite Lake Geothermal Project

Project Location Information
Coordinates 35.9786°, -115.5303° Show Map
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Location Brawley, NV
County Imperial County, NV
Geothermal Area South Brawley Geothermal Area
Geothermal Region Gulf of California Rift Zone
Geothermal Project Profile
Developer Ram Power
Project Type Hydrothermal Systems
GEA Development Phase Phase II - Resource Exploration and Confirmation
Planned Capacity (MW) 100 MW
100,000 kW
100,000,000 W
100,000,000,000 mW
0.1 GW
1.0e-4 TW
GEA Report Date
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